Document Retrieval

We can retrieve a copy of any type of real estate related document that can be found in county public records anywhere in the US. Some of the most commonly requested documents include:

  • Deeds of all types (Warranty, Quit Claim, Certificate of Title, etc.)
  • Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, Security Deeds
  • Mortgage Assignments, Satisfactions/Releases, Mortgage Modifications

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Current Owner Title Search

We can produce a title report on your selected property that will provide full information on all open documents recorded against it going back to the most recent purchase deed. It will include:

  • Information on the purchase
  • Any open mortgages
  • Mortgage assignments
  • Involuntary liens or judgments
  • Property tax information

Each report includes copies of the documents found filed against the property as evidence.

Find my Title or Deed
Two Owner Title Search

This is a property report that would go back to the previous owner of the property and include all open documents filed against the property from the earlier purchase deed up to the present.

Anything found open on the property will be in the report as well as property tax information.

This report also includes copies of all documents found in the search.

Find my Title or Deed

*The products we offer can be ordered only on residential properties.