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Making Real Estate Title Reports and Documents

Easily Obtained for the Private Individual

Like many Americans, your home most likely represents your greatest asset. It’s something that you need to protect with great vigilance. All documents pertaining to your property are filed at county courthouse land records, available for anyone to see. But, when is the last time you checked them? Was your deed properly recorded? Are there unknown liens or judgments filed against your property? Has someone tried to record fraudulent deeds or other documents against your property? RE Titles and Deeds can provide the information that you need to discover if your investment is safe or at risk. We specifically serve the private individual – the homeowner, so that you know what’s happening with your home to ensure peace of mind.

Where Can I Find the Title for My House?

Real estate titles are held at the county recorder's office or property records office in the county where the property is located. While you could conduct a title search on your own, it can be confusing to navigate online and in-person records. Plus, you'll want to make sure you're getting the most accurate results possible! Luckily, we've built a team of title search experts who can find any residential property title you need!

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How Do I Get the Deed to My House?

Whether you're looking for insight into the history of your property or want a copy of your own deed to prove ownership, we can help you locate the deed to your home! Similar to a property title, deeds are also held in the county recorder's office where the property is located. It is possible to visit it yourself, however, we recommend enlisting the help of an experienced professional. We'll make sure you get the documents you're looking for, saving you the time and hassle of going to the county courthouse yourself.

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Our Process

  • There seems to be nowhere for the private individual to go to if they needed specific real estate information about their own property, or if they wanted to do their own research on a property for investment or other reasons.
  • Many counties throughout the US have placed their public records online, but often, they are confusing or in some cases not completely accurate.
  • We offer a simplified process to provide real estate title information specifically designed for the private individual.
  • Our team of document retrieval and title search analysts have a combined 100+ years of experience locating the correct documents and providing accurate title reports on properties nationwide.
  • Although these products cannot be utilized to close a real estate purchase or refinance, they are excellent for due diligence and informational purposes to gain an insight into your property.

Making real estate title reports and documents easily obtained for the private individual!

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My biggest need on this search was knowing all lien holders on the property. Thanks again for your help!

Just wanted to say thank you for completing the Document Retrieval Requests. You guys are great!